Hello Cracked members,

we'd like announcing a new Community Event called Member of the Month.

As the Name already states, a Cracked.to member will be chosen by you, the community, and rewarded as Member of the Month.


The Member of the Month will be chosen in the following procedure: 

1. Nomination
Every member worthy the Member of the Month title can be nominated in the official MOTM thread. The 5 (Five) most nominated Members will reach the next round of the contest.
2. Poll

The 5 (Five) members mentioned above, will be listed in a Poll. Now everyone can vote for his/her favorite member out of the list.


The winner of the MOTM title will be rewarded with a MOTM award, and a MOTM User badge saying: Member of the Month.

The User Badge will last one Month and will then be passed on to the new Member of the Month.

  • You are not allowed to nominate Yourself
  • Staff members are not allowed to be nominated
  • You are not allowed to ask for Votes / Nominations
  • In order to Nominate someone you need at least 10 Threads and 10 Posts
  • Do not post anything else besides the nominations in the nomination Thread
  • Troll nominations will be ignored and will get you blacklisted from MOTM
  • You can only be MOTM once
  • You can only submit 1 (One) nomination

May the best members win, 

Cracked.to Administration