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Gift Upgrade Suggestion

by Barry - 1 week ago
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When we click on gift upgrade on someone's profile as shown in pic

[Image: hWNgsi.png]

It Redirects to :- ( which is normally we can do by clicking on upgrade link directly).

The we have to click on gift button and put username there to gift. 

So instead of this , i has good suggestion.

When we Click on "Gift Upgrade" on someone's profile. Then we should be redirected to this page directly :- 

[Image: hZIwJn.png]

And Most Important point here:-

Username Should be added Automatically in the field box, not manual thing..

Coz sometime similar usernames or older name having some special characters  or blanks it is quite difficult to get username there... 

So this automatic name thing will help i sending upgrade to right profile.

and it will fulfill the work of the actual gift upgrade button...

Working of Gift Upgrade will be like:-

1.  you visit profile of that person whom you want to gift any upgrade

2.  when you click on "gift Upgrade"  it will be redirect to above image, which will already have username of the profile.

3. Upgrade.

@J_S if the above suggestion is possible , i think it would be more user friendly instead of typing username after clicking on gift button.

Else what is the use of Gift Upgrade button on profile page when we can directly do that from upgrade page itself. 

[Image: 6zDpP4.gif]
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