Scammers Profile Link: Don't know his profile but his discord is succedd188#2782
Amount or Item(s) Scammed: I already refunded him 10$, But he is not understanding
Screenshots of Communication:
Additional Information: First of all, He is bough my e-book, I put a hard to understand description on my sell thread, Which is make someone understood, Its my fault
So I understand about this and agreed to refund him, Since I already support him and help him about my method, So he offered me to refund 10$
I do asking him for his email (That used to paid me) and he start to say "Oh if you refund me with that email, you need to full refund me etc, and start saying like, My friend is asking for money etc...  (I don't understand at this point, He is paying me with his friend account > Re want me to refund him 10$ > But if I refund him with the original email, His friend will charge him 11$ so I need to full refund him, Very confused " And I already said that I can't sent money to new email due to country restriction, I can only pay him as a G&S ( Which i think he already accept since he sent his sellix link to me and told me to paid with that link

I can't pay him via sellix since he didn't put the email on it, So i paid him directly via paypal ( WHICH IS SAME, Paying in sellix = paying G&S ), And it got delayed(Pending)
I think This problem happen because he is using Fake paypal account or Fake name look at this
[Image: Kg3WH66.png]

He is mad at this now and start blaming me, So I made this thread to protect myself

If this threat is unclear in some point, Please ask me, I am happy to provide real and honest information
For Support of my product, I am usually active on 6.00AM -12:00AM USA TIME(EDT) But I will try to respond you quickest as possible, Thanks you!
And if I am online on site it's doesn't mean I am actually online, sometime I just AFKing on my computer Kappa

You can message me anytime if you want help for cracking/hacking/programing/any problem, I'll try my best to help you

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