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This scam alert was reported on a small group right now, I wanted to post it for some people who doing Facebook marketing(SEO) here, Even you are doing blackhat or whitehat technical, you can fall on this scam too!
  1. The scammer will be selling SEO service on Facebook ads (Ex. Your post can reach 100,000 views with only 20$)
  2. The scammer will tell you that they will promote your post first, after your post reach the target, you will pay them ( This will gain their victim's trust because they claim to do the job first and then you pay them)
  3. They will ask you for an advertiser role on your page(That normal thing that SEOer will do) and then they will ask you for the regular information of your page(Not too sensitive information / Example: Someone asked your email and then He hacked your account)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [Image: lXqogEJ.png]
  4. They will SE Facebook support team and take over your page

This is very dangerous, Someone got scammed over 1000$ 
Hope this help someone who doing Facebook SEO here!
 For some problem I don't usually active on discord now, sorry for that
You can message me anytime if you want help for cracking/hacking/programing/any problem, I'll try my best to help you

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