How to send Hits from Openbullet to Discord:
1. Make a webhook and copy the URL

2. Make 2 blocks at the end of your config (Request & Key Check)

3. Put your WEBHOOK URL into the URL, Method = POST. For Post Data you need to edit it:
{"content":">>> ```<USER>:<PASS>\\n<Name of what you want to show up in Discord><capture> ```"}
For example if I was to change the config for the Pandora Config I am leaving for download/reference. Pandora has 2 parse blocks that are capturing "Subscription and AutoRenew". If I want to add it I would do  {"content":">>> ```<USER>:<PASS>\\nSubscription <Subscription>\\nAutoRenews: <Auto Renew>```"}

Explanation: \\n(You are putting right here what you want to show up in Discord) <You are putting whatever your name is of the var/cap name in the parse block.>

4. Change Content Type: application/json

5. Add retry keycheck with the message: You are being rate limited