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Telegram Bot - making bitcoin autopilot

by ehsan8x - 08 April, 2021 - 01:04 AM
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Hello guys 
Here there is a guide for you to use a telegram bot and by viewing ads you will earn a small amount of bitcoin. but by adding a simple code in Web.telegram you will be able to do that automatically and on autopilot

I hope you enjoy that.
good luck everyone

!) Download the aplication called telegram from google.
2) Set up your account with your phone number.
3) Now head over to this telegram bot.
4) Press send message.
5) Open it up with the telegram app.
6) You might or might not see a button at the text box saying "start" if you do click it.
7) The bot will open up with all the controlls, and confiugrations.
8) Head over to wallet then put your btc wallet adress there.
9) Press "View ads" and it will give you $1 worth of btc.

__how to afk___

!) head over to the web version of telegram and log in with your phone number.
2) In the btc bots area right click the page anywhere.
3) Press inspect element.
4) In the top of the insepct element menu there should be a button that says "console" click it.
5) Now copy and paste this code.

function $0() {$('.reply_markup_button_wrap.reply_markup_button_w1').find('button').click(); } setInterval($0, 31*1000);

6) After 15-30 secconds it should automaticly start "View ads button"
7) All you have to do is make sure the tab is never closed (pressing X) and it will automaticly do it.
8) Go play a game on your device or somthing :D.
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U sure this will work?
This post is by a banned member (ehsan8x) - Unhide
(09 April, 2021 - 05:56 PM)Fuckumother Wrote: Show More
U sure this will work?

Yeah. I've made 0.06 BTC so far in less than two weeks
but I don't use it 24/7 only a couple of hours a day

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