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Hello Friends,

This won't be a nice looking thread as I am more into working and showing then designing..

Do you want your shop to be on telegram automated and easily accessible? I can build a bot for you the way you want it to!

Be it a shop bot or anything just ping me on telegram @hackedyouagain and we can discuss about it!

A quick list of features present in bot:
1. Division of product as per categories
2. Auto Buy feature accept btc or any other crypto and on successful confirmation of crypto received send the account/content to the user automatically and notify the bot owner about the purchase
3. Adding Admins to the bot to manage the shop
4. Cart feature (If you want this then only or else it won't be there)
5. Wallet Feature(If you want the user's to have a wallet to easily access and buy without always paying while buying)
6. Support feature to send support queries inside bot and the bot notifies you and you can reply from the bot
7. Stock Management

I can show you a demo telegram bot that I made and then you can ask for modifications and it will be done