How Setup Smoke Bot for retards

I decided Made this little Tutorial too help retards and beginners too Setup Smoke Bot (most of Botnet are similar on process)


-Smoke Bot Panel File and Builder
-Server Hosting ( Shared Linux + Cpanel is good for start test )
-Domain name ( 

Setup of Smoke

After you get your Server u can acces it throught CPANEL or WHM ( let say it is CPANEL)

-Login on your server , Go in Files folder , and Upload Panel Smoke file ( Some AV server can detect miner smoke as virus and not allow you upload ), delete the file from panel in this case .
-Extract Panel file on name folder as you want ( ex Pan3l )
-Put 777 permissions on Folder -> Files , Inc
-Create Database throught SQL manager in your server ( same place as File folder)
-Create Username,pass,and DB name

-Now go in "Pan3l/INC/cfg.php and edit data on CFG.php ( Put your Encrypt and decrypt key , put name DB u create , username , password ...

-Open Url -> http://yourdaomain/Pan3l/install.php  ( that should log db and redirect on Login page
-Enter the User/pass of panel and you inside !!!
-Delete Install.php file from server once process made
-Change Control.php in cfg and rename file
-Change Guest.php in cfg and rename file

Your PANEL is now set correctly!

Now you need Create your EXE (executable file smoke)

Open Builder , and Put your gate link from panel -> http://yourdomain.com/pan3l/index.php then create file
From Cracked builder it will give you file in format .pe32 ( portable executable 32 bits) , Just Rename it on .exe

You have create your Smoke Bots!
Now you Can spread the EXE , buy bots , loads etc...