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I need phone number that can receive incoming SMS " and call if possible " From PayPal, Amazon, Google, and use it to receive Costumer Message, and Forward this incoming SMS To my phone.

Ex: If I receive SMS from Google on my Virtual number +44111111111, It should Forward this message to my real phone number +34222222222 [My Phone number is from different country ]

I had do my search and I found that Twilio provide virtual phone number for LONG TERMS with cheap price 1$ => 6$ par month.

I bought a UK phone number From Twilio [ Upgraded Account ], and I tested it with many company, but only work with Binance & TikTok, also works If I send SMS From Twilio number To another Twilio number.

I already setup the Settings Geo Permissions to allow incoming message from the other country, and I try with Twilio application like { SMS Forwarding, Send and Receive SMS Anonymously and other Twilio Applications } but the same result, Didn't Receive Incoming message.

Please I need your Help any solution ?