I'm unsure of how many individuals here enjoy or partake in stock trading, but I will share some of my picks for this fiscal quarter.

Altria Group Inc. (NYSE:MO) : Why Altria? With their recent large stake in e-cigs and their consistent dividends, Altria is a safe long term investment, especially since the foreign market for cigarettes is still going strong. I expect Altria to exceed 60 by the end of the year.

GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GWPH) : If you're at all interested in hopping on the pot stock bandwagon, I highly suggest GWPH. Proving consistent growth throughout 2018, this stock is a great start to a cannabis portfolio, it has been green all year. 

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) : As basic as it may sound, Amazon is still one of any trader's best options, they have nowhere to go except upwards. Although with the failure of HQ2 in NYC and the divorce of Jeff Bezos, the future is still unarguably all about Amazon, it's not too late to hop on the train. Note: Even if Amazon drops, don't sell, I made that mistake sold 10 shares last year when they hit 700.

Red Hat Inc. (NYSE:RHT) : This is a stock many people aren't aware of, despite its unparalleled performance. As one of IBM's most valuable assets, Red Hat continues to blow other tech stocks out of the water in terms of consistent growth. To add onto this, Warren Buffet just sold a majority of his shares in Oracle and invested that into Red Hat.

These aren't many picks, but I am confident they are far more than sufficient for building a diversified long-term portfolio.
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