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[WTB] 1 Time Service - Need help retrieving dead screen android phone data

by CEVENTOR - 3 months ago
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Hi, I'm willing to pay somebody who could come up with a solution for me to be able to access my phone.
I have a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The screen is dead but the phone still works. No image, no touchscreen.
Phone has bootloader locked by Xiaomi, unable to Unblock because it requires to go to Options > Dev > something like that...
ADB is unauthorized. USB Debugging is disabled. I can only boot to a TWRP image that will give me ADB unauthorized.
Locked by a Pattern. Bought an OTG adapter to try and enter the pattern with a usb mouse, I can't do it. Tried for hours. I can't unlock it.

I need to be able to install an app so I can mirror it to my PC, like Vyzor or something else that would allow me to remote control it.
I can install apps apparently from my pc on the Playstore and tell which device to send it, but I can't activate anything as it all requires taps to enable the access or USB Debugging enabled and I can't enable it. (Touchscreen is broken).

Need help! Will pay for your service if you find a solution
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