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[WTB] Valid delivered shipping labels | $1 LTC per label

by glasgow545 - 06 April, 2021 - 08:42 PM
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Hello forum members ,

I would like to purchase valid shipping labels of delivered packages from known parcel services.

What I need :
- take a picture of shipping label which comes to with package
- I need to barcodes (you can hide personal details and data)
- I need to know shipping method + country of import + export
- Shipping label can't be old than 30 days.
- Amazon packages + India packages are not accepted.

What you will get 1$ in LTC for 1xShipping label - so it mean that if you send me 10x pictures of US FedEx shipping labels then I send you 10$ in LTC to your wallet.
- I accept photos of shipping labels.

Ping me with personal message.
This post is by a banned member (glasgow545) - Unhide
active bump!

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