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Warning Post against 101010101k1n

by aqua - 2 months ago
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Dear Members,

Here is a scam report against a fellow user who has messaged me and seen that I exchanged through this platform. I was not scammed (because im not stupid) but I think users should be aware that this user will try to do this.

Scammers Profile Link: || @101010101k1n -- Discord: jw store#2714 (506597343068684288)
[If Applicable] Sales Thread:
Amount or Item(s) Scammed: Not really scammed for, just think members need to be aware of him.
Screenshots of Communication: (old asf pic)
Additional Information: Thinks exchangers go first on non-trusted/known people.
Understand that you need to work for your money, it's not given out.

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For account recovery purpose,please private message me on site.

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Currently have an impostor whose discord tag is ali4526#8202 (discord tags are case sensitive) DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM

Always confirm off-site deals with me via pm


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