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Web Developer $10-20 hourly, long term

by xhost247 - 2 weeks ago
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I'm looking for a web developer who has access to many templates or is able to work fast on multiple small projects daily.  I need 3-5 websites made each day which need to be for specific niches, the sites don't need to have a functioning backend, but need to look as if they are working visually, for instance, if you click register and sign up, then it will let you input your details, and say account created successfully, but you wouldn't be able to log in nor would account details be stored to a database.  The sites will never be used, they are only for display but need to resemble fully working sites.

I don't mind how you make the sites, as long as they are unique and look professional, if you wish to rip other websites with wget or httprack and change the logos/names that is also okay but any trace of the original site needs to be removed and this cannot be done for big chains such as Walmart or Hilton.

The sites I need made will vary from marketplaces to websites for hotels or forums and online stores or webhosts.

I'll be paying $10-20 per project, so by no means am I asking for a fully coded from scratch website for every site, however I do expect quality via whichever method you choose to use, templates or copying existing websites.

I expect you to spend no longer than 30 minutes - 1 hour on each project to keep in line with the price tag.

This is a job I need done every day, so I'm looking for people who want to make consistent money long term.

Discord is XHost247#0997
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Hey  mate, i can work for you as long term. Experienced web developer here!
Add me on discord: israinsolutions#7117
[Image: KxasaNZ.jpg]
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Web developer here. I can help. Sent friend request on Discord.


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