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disposal of old bad ammo.?

by MurrayYvonne - 22 July, 2021 - 09:13 AM
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I have about 100-150 rounds of ammo that needs to be disposed or destroyed. I would NOT fire any of these. These came from the homes of relatives long passed away. Some are centerfire of various common chamberings, either badly corroded or "mystery reloads", neither of which I trust at all. The shotshells are all of the same box, and all seeming to swell and splitting their casing. (cause? )
I have taken this to two different city police offices, one sherrif's office and one waste disposal "hazardous waste toss day". All treated it like I'd toted in a basket of cobras, and none would suggest anything other than, "give that to someone who will take it......" :rolleyes:

Any suggestions, etc. are appreciated. I am tired of this box of junk ammo taking up space. I reckon I can pull all the bullets and shot and soak it in old oil,.......
Anyone want this? :) I am in west-central Little Rock, and am in Hot Springs and Conway frequently.
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I don't know, I think that you have to be cautious with that stuff, because it is a little too dangerous to simply throw it away. For example, you can find a company where you could go and destroy that old ammo, or you can also buy or rent a bin and keep it there safe. A good place to rent one is The quality of the plastic is very good, and you have the guarantee that if you have locked the container, it will only be opened again by you. No kids, animals or homeless people will ever be able to see what’s inside!
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I got rid of unwanted ammo by calling the local sheriff's office ahead of time and they told me to bring it over and they will dispose of it for you. They may request some information and probably you DL. When you arrive, do not bring it in the department. Leave it in the car and an officer will follow you and request you transfer the ammo to them from your vehicle. 

Or go to a gun range and dump it like a heathen.

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