hi guys need help with my assignement psl this is the scenario:

You work as a training web designer for Infinity Designs. You have been asked to design, develop, test and evaluate a new website for a new client.

“Jadio Phones”, is a wholesale company based in Wembley, which specialises in selling wholesale mobile phones (sim free) to the retailers.  These includes: IPhone, Samsung, Google and their accessories (chargers, headphones, etc). In addition they also sell top of the range tablets.

The company would like to develop a prototype website that would display their product details on the internet (i.e. product name, image, description and price based on bulk orders).  By digitising the catalogue operations onto the Internet, the company will reduce both the cost of printing catalogues and meet their customers demands.

You have been asked to develop new website and you must include the following requirements:


·         Simple design and layout of web pages
·         Easy to navigate
·         Customers able to send feedback
·         Order hotline telephone number available on every page
Home page should display current and seasonal special offers

Products pages: Iphone, Samsung, Google, Accessories, Tablet and Offers

Contact us page: should display the company’s address with various contact telephone numbers of various departments.  Also integrate google map API to provide location and interactive feedback form.

Task A – Client investigation and design

Conduct an interview with the client in order to understand the purpose and requirements of the client’s website.

After the meeting with the client, write a brief report on the purpose and requirements the client has for the interactive website. Your report should include some of the following points:
a.    full summary of the problem to be solved,
b.    intended audience,
c.    constraints,
d.    benefits,
e.    nature of interactivity,
f.     complexity of the website.

Produce visual and technical designs (medium fidelity wireframes) for the client’s multipage website. The technical designs must include following information:
·    Structure diagram of the proposed website
·    Branding information of the proposed website
·    Design information: e.g.  font sizes, font styles, position of any menu button links, tables, images etc. and any other interactive features on the page
·    Include an alternative design that is compatible with mobile/tablet devices.

Task B – Client Website Development and evaluation.

Develop the new interactive multi-page web site for the client based on your design plans.  The finished website must have a professional look that complies with various principle standards and guidelines to produce a branded website.
Produce a tabular report that compares and contrast (minimum five each) the multi-page website created against the original storyboard design document