Be aware of the users in the screenshot
One of them is
They are trying to get me banned and scam me and ddos me etc, the discord user mentioned tried to scam me for my own Emirates Airlines.
They are very toxic users and I suggest you avoid them at all costs. Please spread this around so we make sure users don't deal with them 
or communicate with them.
Basically the story is that I found an unclaimed big group which is linked below with a group scanner.!/about
He wanted it back but I said no because he tried to scam me in the past.
So he added all his boyfriends to a group chat and they threatened to "DDOS" me and "beam" me and get roblox admins and mods to ban me
but I wasn't having any of that so I just sat there and played along.
Have fun with them I'll link all of the discords below
orquish | INACTIVE 23-29
uhCrusher | W00dpecker
uhJimmy | Humming Bird